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India, a magical land with different colors, various languages, rich heritage and culture, is a country of unity in diversity. India, the seventh largest geographical country, the second most populous country, with rich and glorious past, habits and foods, evolves various lifestyles and traditions in itself.

 A county which presents the example of freedom in bound-ness of different communities and religions live together. People here speak different languages, follow different religion, eat differently and dressed differently but are in the same temperament.

Complete community and neighborhood are involved in each occasion, that may be of different religion follower, of different tradition with different cast and can be celebrated in various manners but enjoy equally. Indian follows traditional dresses and clothing at the time of their occasional fairs and festivals.

It can be realized in India obviously, that has been invaded by armies, traders and other functionality, which brought their habits, their foods, their practices and observance and gave a contribute to rich texture of Indian living and life.

From the sand dunes to the grass lands, from the plains to the mountains, golden deserts to the greenery, beaches to the river banks, the lifestyle of India can be easily glorified with the geography.

Women follows the traditional ways of “Namaste” during the meeting apart from the handshaking habits of the urban style that can be explored in India. The base of the surname of an Indian is behind his cast or place of the origin or on behalf of his family occupation.

Indians share his sorrow and happiness with each other, celebrate a festival altogether and organize a fair with joint efforts. Lifestyle of Indian people followed obviously today also the traditional ways of living and wearing. Famous Indian dresses are described as A sari or saree, a strip of unstitched clothes, is a female garments in Indian sub-continent, properly dresses with Indian outfits and only wear in India.

It is worn with the combination of the blouse well known as the choli or ravika and over the shaya in eastern India. These are usually worn on all the functional activities with the various styles and lush jewellery by the women.

In the northern India mans may wear a pants-and-shirt outfit called the pajama-kurta. While in the Southern Indian counterpart wears a white wraparound cloth called Mundu – well known as Dhoti and angavastram, a shawl. In India Salwar-kameez are also worn by the women especially in the Punjab. Lungi is also worn in India because its origin is found in the south Indian culture.

The Turban is also in style of wearing in India and it is worn in various styles that denote region and caste. These variations are known by different names such as Pagari and Safa. It is usually 82 feet long and 8 inches wide. A safa is shorter and broader. The common man wears turbans of one color, while the elite wear designs and colors according to the occasion.

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