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India is famous for its diverse culture, traditions and glorious heritage that make India a tourist paradise and the unique shopper's heaven, where one can explore the beauty of India and feel like staying in heaven for the purpose of shopping.

Visitors can explore here specialize various kinds of shopping items because each item manufactured and exports from India has its own pride and importance and has a uniqueness of the place where it is manufactured and in many cases holds a historical lavish background with itself.
 India is offering everything to world from handicrafts to herbs, paintings to antiques, traditional garment to the modern fashionable clothes.

The whole country has the large and wide shopping mall and India look like a complete shopping paradise with seller for their exotic products for the coming visitors. The Indian sellers in the market cater various choices to the travels to select the right thing from the right place. The market of India is perfect destination for the shopper around the world.

 Lavishly Shopping via the crowded lanes of the Indian metro cities are sure to indulge the sense and taste of every travelers for exquisitely carved jewellery, beautiful handicraft items, excellent paintings and some real good Indian clothes.

The textile industry of India has been a much sought after items from the historical days to the present country with rich fabric available the entire nation.

Chicken work and bronze of Uttar Pradesh, banarsi sarees of Banaras, embroidery work and shawls of Kashmir, cotton fabric of Gujrat, Traditional jewellery form Rajasthan, pashmina and woolen shawls from Himachal Pradesh, silk and chiffons of south, stone sculpture of Orissa, leather goods from chennai are very famous around the world.
 There are other many popular shopping items from India that can be shopped out like as carpets, precious stones, brassware, tribal art, inlaid stoneware, leather items, and wood carvings.

The range of handicrafts, handlooms, fabrics, jewellery, and antiques available for the visitors. One can do shopping handicraft items also from the government shops on the valuable and fixed price.

When any visitors explored the cultural basket of the India, the first thing come in his mind is the excellent paintings of India that are apart from the global painters and based on the rich and rural traditions such as the Madhubani painting of Bihar, exploring the imagination of the painter, lavish cultural heritage, lifestyle and living patters around the rural and in urban also.
 Tourists can visit on the ventures for the whole variety of stalls and little shops near about all the famous tourist destinations. In India there are a numerous international brands and they preferred their manufacturing also in India.

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